Surgical Procedures

We specialize in the full spectrum of Surgical and Non-surgical procedures of the eye, from front to back, across all ages.  Our champion procedures include UltraView ReLACS™ (refractive laser assisted cataract surgery), UltraView LASIK™ (laser vision correction), UltraView Crosslinking™ (corneal strengthening procedure), and UltraView DEL™ (dry eye laser).  Our procedures also span all specialties of ophthalmology including retina, glaucoma, and pediatric.


Surgical Procedure


Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure to restore one's eyesight whereby the cloudy natural lens in the eye is removed, and replaced by a clear intraocular lens implant. The surgery involves making small incisions on the edge of the cornea, then an opening in the capsule containing the cataract is made. The cataract is then broken by ultrasound energy (phacoemulsification), and removed by suction. An intraocular lens is then injected through the small corneal incision, which then unfolds and is positioned in the empty capsule behind the iris.

UltraView ReLACS™
In UltraView ReLACS™, certain steps in the traditional cataract surgery procedure is performed with a computer-driven, imaging-guided femtosecond laser.  These steps include making the corneal incision, making the opening in the capsule containing the cataract, softening the cataract, and making customized incisions on the cornea to reduce astigmatism. The result is unprecedented precision and accuracy of vision results following cataract surgery.


UltraView LASIK™
UltraView LASIK™ is the most advanced wavefront guided all-laser LASIK™ procedure.  The treatment begins with a detailed scan of the visual thumbprint of one's eye. This information is used to generate a treatment algorithm that is customized to the scanned eye, which drives the actual laser delivery. The result is exceptional uncorrected vision that is achieved often better than 20/20.


UltraView XLINKING™ is a minimally invasive procedure to strengthen the cornea in patients suffering from Keratoconus, a progressive degenerative disease of the cornea.


Pterygium Surgery
Pterygium surgery is an outpatient procedure to remove a degenerative growth of the conjunctiva that has grown over the cornea surface.  This condition is brought on by ultraviolet radiation exposure from the sun throughout one's lifetime.  To reduce the risk of recurrence of the pterygium following surgery, a piece of the conjunctiva is cut out from the same eye, and patched over the site where the pterygium is removed.

Front view of eye with clear tissue growing over white of eye and on to pupil.

Blepharoplasty is the procedure where excess skin and fat beneath the skin are removed from the upper and/or lower eyelids.  In many cases this is done to improve and restore the cosmetic appearance of youth.  In other cases, this is a medically necessary procedure to improve one's eyesight when the excessively loose and droppy eyelid skin is interfering with one's vision.


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